Quick Update!

So, after struggling with And the Mountains Echoed, I panicked. I binged. I finished three books in eleven days just to keep myself on track. In that time, I lost sight of the purpose of my reading challenge. I forgot to analyse and make notes and I just submerged myself into the warm embrace of …

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Middle Eastern Sojourns – Part 1

My father introduced me to Khaled Hosseini in 2015 by blasting the audio version of The Kite Runner in the car every morning for two weeks.  You see, my father doesn’t actually read his books. Instead, he listens to them in his spare time - usually during his morning and afternoon commutes to work and …

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My Year Collecting Heroes – The benefits of diverse reading

Last year, I made a semi-conscious effort to read more books by authors of colour. It changed me. It reshaped my thinking. This is what I have learned from my year of diverse reading.