Black Panther: What the movie means for Guyanese and Guyanese Art?

The Success “People from time to time would complain about not getting tickets. They would, like, beg us to go in and stand up in the theatre.” - Caribbean Cinemas receptionist. It has been three weeks since Black Panther proudly prowled onto the big screen in the United States. Since then, it has been tearing …

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My Dad, The Listener

For as long as I can remember, I have always known my father as a listener. If I ever wanted to find him, all that I had to do was use my ears. Whether it was BBC radio, cricket commentary, classic reggae or his Louis Armstrong collection, the spaces my father occupied were always thick …

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I Stand with Muslim Women

via Daily Prompt: Resist Today is World Hijab Day. I started writing this post weeks ago to honour my Hijabi friends and my favourite muslim public speakers, writers, activists and innovators. I rewatched dozens of videos, re-read my book notes and called up my hijabi girlfriends so that I could make sure my anecdotes about …

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In Defense of Dystopian Fiction

Over the past few days, I have developed an acute but powerful appreciation for my ability to read. I watched Donald Trump’s inauguration. I listened to his dismal speech. Yesterday, I was heartbroken as I watched him begin to repeal back the march of progress in America. And then it hit me. Suddenly, I became …

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Thrice Read Reading Tag

Ok. It seems really pretentious to create our own tag and literally call it the Thrice Read tag but we’re incredibly unimagitive and that’s all we could come up with. Currently, Caitlynn, Jenn and I (yes, it is I, Eden, writing this post) are sitting in a coffee shop in Nashville eating breakfast and giving …

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Daily Prompt: Tempted

I have been tempted in many ways since I started university, but nothing compares to my temptations to speak up in my conservative-dominated world. *Trigger Warning*: This post contains information a reference to sexual violence and may be triggering to survivors.